Vendor Application Form

  • GUIDELINES FOR PARTICIPATION: We work to include vendors who are different from each other & who we think will add to a unique and vibrant crafts village. Please fill out the application &/or contact us for more information.
  • BOOTH PAYMENT must be made prior to the Festival.
  • VENDOR BOOTHS: Please provide your own shade structure, table(s), chair(s), etc… not to exceed the size of the space. No solid walls are allowed on any side of the booth.
  • RESALE CERTIFICATE: Vendors who sell any items must have a valid resale certificate & be responsible for collecting & reporting sales tax. Temporary numbers may be obtained from the Calif. State Board of Equalization (Tel.1-800-400-7115).
  • VENDOR LOADING/UNLOADING/INFO: Instructions prior to the event will be sent to craft bazaar participants.

Additional set-up information and contracts will be sent to successful applicants. 

Business Name *
Business Name
Will you be sharing your space with another vendor or do you require your own space? If you are sharing, please note that BOTH vendors have to complete separate application.
Name of Other Vendor/Business you will be sharing with. If you are not sharing, please put n/a
A single is 10ftx10ft A double is 20ftx20ft
If you chose other, please detail size requirements here. If you didn't choose other, please just write n/a
Please give us a description about what your booth will look like, what merchandise or services you will be selling, and how much your merchandise will cost (price range or full price sheet)
If your business doesn't have an address please put your residential address